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Nominate someone today for KFAV's Random Act of Kindness Award! They'll receive one dozen beautiful Rosa Roses from Troy Flower Shop. E-mail your nomination and a paragraph or two about that person. Don't forget to give us all YOUR contact info, phone number, home, work, and cell. JUST E-MAIL US BY USING THE E-MAIL BUTTON TO THE LEFT.... Thank You!!

Note: KFAV does NOT post every Random Act Story on this web site. Please listen each Wednesday morning for the unfolding tale of goodness here in the Westplex, and most importantly, nominate someone today!
Listen each Wednesday or Thursday morning at 8:30am for KFAV's Random Act Of Kindness, as we go into homes, hospitals, offices, and schools, surprising people who have either gone through some hardship, or have been on the other side helping others.  Make your nomination right now!
Dear Mr. Kaspar,

We would like to take a moment to share with you, a group of heros in our community.

The students at Kids R Kids in Wentzville, MO have spent their summer thinking of others. These students, ages 5 - 12, have been participating in Camp Caliber, a summer camp program, focused on Character Education and Community Service. At the beginning of summer, the students voted to support the St. Louis Crisis Nursery in Wentzville and the St. Vincent DePaul Society, a local food pantry. The students kicked off their summer by doing a new sock drive for children that come to the St. Louis Crisis Nursery and collected 131 new pairs of socks. They continued their collection efforts by collecting 200 gently used children?s books, and will finalize a school supply drive on August 3rd. Along with collecting items, they have been running a Change for Change fund raiser. They plan to purchase shoes for the St. Louis Crisis Nursery to have on hand for their visitors. At present they have over $300.00 in loose change and monetary donations. In fact, one student gave up her life savings, as she said, of over $40.00, to help other children. Her parents were so impressed with her generosity that they matched her donation. The students have made the Change for Change a contest among the classrooms and to support them in their efforts, we have decided to match the winning classrooms coin collection. Along with their Change for Change program, the students have also had fundraising events: a car wash which raised $194.00 and a bake sale which raised $142.00.

The students also ran a canned food drive for the St. Vincent DePaul Society to help needy families in our area and collected 140 canned food items. The staff of St. Vincent DePaul were very appreciative of their donation as supplies are getting low.

These students, along with their teachers, have spent their summer focused on others and we would like to recommend them for the Radom Act of Kindness Award. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us or Gail Huber our Assistant Director. The last day of our summer camp program will be August 14th.
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