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Name: Gene Beattie
Date: 10/01/14
Message: I used to think that living in Washington, MO, the only country station in the area was in St. Louis. I had cornbread for breakfast many mornings until I heard your station. You have the perfect mix of country I've been looking for & you don't play all the new stuff all the time. You have just gained a loyal listener. Thank you!

Name: mike coleman
Date: 09/25/14
Message: I love 99.9 always on in my car

Name: Greg Griffith
Date: 09/04/14
Message: You play great mix of new old and present songs.

Name: Tina Wilson
Date: 08/26/14
Message: I love your station ! I love how you all care about the west plex and give back to your listeners with the movie thyme everyday! and then new music on Thursday! keep up the great music and keeping it real!!

Name: Jaime Tooley
Date: 08/10/14
Message: My fav station. I am from Washington and get all the big stations as well. The variety on 99.9 is so much bigger and better!!!! LOVE YA

Name: mike norton
Date: 07/28/14
Message: Lol wow im an ass think that was bull but still no one there for request,how many watts are you?

Name: James Booth
Date: 07/07/14
Message: Thank you for making my commute seem shorter.

Name: tedd wanker
Date: 06/19/14
Message: they have many great at kmarat. congelations on your many failings!

Name: Luke
Date: 01/01/14
Message: Love your station if you have a news letter sign me up lukemaness@yahoo.com

Name: Ron Sitarski
Date: 12/10/13
Message: College roommate of Wayne Schoeneberg

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